Using Content Metadata

Content Metadata is the fundamental organizing unit of post production. Whether you’re organizing by scene, shot and take, or with more free form Keyword Collections or Bins you are working with Content Metadata.

The point of adding metadata to a clip is to bring us closer to the final edited version. Each step of organization should bring us closer to that goal. By adding Content Metadata to parts of a clip, either by adding Keyword Ranges or using subclips in bins, we start identifying common themes, common content and elements that fit together so the storytelling can begin.

As Keyword Collections (or the content of a Bin) grow we start to discover the story beats. Wherever we get our Content Metadata, we are always working to have a story organized in a timeline that conveys information or influences emotion (or both).

As story beats are revealed we can start adding similar content to a Project/Sequence and compare and contrast the various takes on that story beat to build the most compelling version of that beat, and the ultimate story, as we can.

When it comes to polishing the result with B-roll and effects, good Content Metadata will help you quickly find the shots you’re looking for.