What is Technical Metadata?

Technical metadata covers the range of information we get from the camera (generally). Not surprisingly, it is the technical information. This includes the obvious technical information as well as camera-specific metadata.

  • Image size
  • Frame rate
  • Codec
  • Timecode and timebase
  • Reel name (or folder/card name)
  • File size and codec
  • File name
  • Date
  • File Creation time
  • Duration

Technical metadata goes beyond the obvious and – depending on the camera or source – can include:

  • Exposure (even channel by channel)
  • Gain (even per channel gain from some cameras)
  • Focal length, aperture, exposure
  • White balance settings (metadata)
  • GPS data (latitude, longitude and height)
  • Lens serial number (for VFX work)
  • Camera serial number
  • Camera model
  • Unique ID for the media file
  • Last update,
  • and so much more.

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